Kimppa – the spirit of two

Training project developed while working at Adsek, 2005.

Kimppa (finnish slang = in company) was an idea for a low-alcohol drink, competing with the segments of beer, cider and long drinks in Finland. Kimppa was to be a mixed drink (of two popular low-alcohol drinks), a concept already known to some European countries but new to the finnish market.

The project development involved field work such as finding the right combination for the mix, asking consumers’ opinion on the drink, placing the drink among its competitors on a price and trend scale, brand development (core, associations, target audience), product design (logo, packaging), launching campaign plan, long term advertising campaigns and finally pitching the product to the larger finnish brewer companies.

My role
Concept development, market research, brand development, label design, ad campaign design, pitching.

Project leaders
Jaani Vaahtera, Pekka Rintamäki, Riikka Antila.
Concept development, visuals, copy
Jacqueline Früh, Diana de Sousa, Reea Marjamäki, Teemu Tuohimaa.

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