Digitytöt website re-design

Digitytöt, 2009

From June to July 2009 Digitytöt went through a major concept development phase. It became a women's video blog lifestyle magazine, the first of it's kind in Finland. Digitytöt's most popular areas were Fashion, Beauty and Design & Technology.

Digitytöt had a strong presence on social media channels such as Blogger, Vimeo, Bliptv, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. From July 2009 to January 2010 the website received a total of around 21,000 visits and 10,500 unique visitors (data from Google analytics).

My role
Visual design, channel customization (Blogger), concept development.

The project ended in February 2010.
Some videos might still be available from Blip TV:

Original concept
Helene Auramo, Sanna Aronniemi.

Visual design, cross channel customization
Diana de Sousa.

Logo design
Margaret Plaisted.
Helene Auramo, Anni Taimisto, Mariela Sarkima, Kaisa Simola, Sanna Aronniemi.
Teppo Hudson, CityVice TV.
Marketing and branding
Tuukka Laurila.


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