Matkaopas Suomeen – online promotion and order form

Adsek project, 2006.

In the spring of 2006 Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy was launching a travel guide with pedestrian routes across Finland.

The book was first launched and advertised on the internet. For that promotion event Adsek created an online marketing channel strategy where ad banners placed on one of Finland’s most visited webportal,, directed the viewers to an animated presentation of the book and from there to an online order form.

The advertising went around the concept of light summer travelling, where the only things needed were a pair of comfortable shoes and a camera. Giving the feeling of long pleasant summer walks, the audiovisual presentation of the book showed attractive samples of the book interior pointing out its unique features.

This presentation ended on an online order form offering a good promotion discount to the online shoppers.

The animation was done in Flash.

My role
Concept development, visual design, illustration, 2D animation.

Please notice,there might be some changes or it might not be online anymore!

Project management:
Eija Sinisalo.
Design and illustration:
Diana de Sousa.
Flash animation:
Diana de Sousa, Jacqueline Früh.
Päivi Larikko.
Flash actionscript:
Tremedia Oy.

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