Adsek website concept

Adsek, 2006.

This project was developed as a conceptual exercise. We aimed at improving the visitors’ experience of Adsek's website through immersion in the agency’s creative world. In this world the visitor could explore several floating islands, navigating in a soap bubble balloon powered by dragonfly’s wings.

Each floating island was designed around a theme inspired by one of Adsek’s works. The inspirational works were shown at the islands, so visitors could also explore Adsek’s portfolio at the same time.

The website was designed to be implemented with Flash so it would be fully animated. A soundscape was also planned. But the project was never implemented.

My role
Concept development, illustration, visual design.

Design supervision:
Jaani Vaahtera.
Concept development:
Diana de Sousa, Jacqueline Früh.
Design and illustration:
Diana de Sousa.


mangas said...

I can see is true what I heard about your work! These are very good pictures!

Pedro Duarte said...

Bem divertida a 1ª imagem :)