REMediaCity – Free Samples for Commuters (FSC)

FBAUL 2002, student project.

REMediaCity - Free Samples for Commuters (FSC) from Diana de Sousa on Vimeo.

This is the introduction (part 1 of 3) of my final project for the Communication Design course at FBAUL. Teachers requested students to develop a concept for a real-time installation that would take place at a specific street in Lisbon, choosing any theme they would like. Works were done individually and students were not expected to finalize the actual installation, only to develop a good concept and to simulate it using any media they'd like.

My concept was about a real-time interactive game that would take place at Rua (street) Garret.

The game was called “Urban Warrior” and it aimed at arising reflection about the importance of our emotions in the process of building a self-conscience and knowledge about oneself. It was inspired in the book “The speed of liberation” by Paul Virilio, among other readings.

The plot:

In the year of 2334 cities are perfectly organized urban spaces. Lisbon is one of these magneticCities. People in magneticCities trust electromagnetic devices such as the I-book to register all important information about themselves: dreams, memories and feelings are scanned from their minds into the devices.

One day in Lisbon the I-book system broke down. The engineers could however recover the electromagnetic waves sent by the I-books and liberated them into Rua Garret. On that street everybody’s memories started being replayed continuously in a loop – like in a phantom theatre play.

To succeed in the game you must go to Rua Garret to rescue your own memories, recognizing and separating them from everybody else’s.

Media used
Macromedia Director and Adobe Premiere for the animation. This video was made later with Final Cut Pro. Graphic elements made with Freehand, Photoshop, some hand drawing, original photos and other pictures scanned from several sources.

My role
Concept development, videography, illustration, script writing, animation, interactivity, multimedia editing, visual design.


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I remeber when you showed me this project, I liked it a lot, specially the concept :)

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