Esa ja Esineet

Design Museum, Zipipop, ConnectedDay, MA thesis work, 2009

Esa ja Esineet is an online service to promote design education in Finnish daycares. It was developed in collaboration with the education team of the Design Museum in Helsinki, Connected Day and Zipipop. This service encourages daycares to use social media and social interaction tools such as online forums, video, photo and document sharing services to connect and engage in conversation with the museum’s education team and other daycares, sharing their learning experiences, obstacles and suggestions.

Esa ja Esineet was also the subject of my MA thesis at Media Lab. The project was supported with a grant from AVEK worth 17,000.00 euros.

My role
Concept development, project management, visual design, web design, videography.


Concept development
Hanna Kapanen, Anna Louhelainen, Leena Svinhufvud, Diana de Sousa.
Project management
Diana de Sousa.
Visual and web design
Zipipop, Diana de Sousa.
Sound design
Anna Louhelainen.
Diana de Sousa.
Zipipop, ConnectedDay.

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