Zipipop, 2008

Zipiko (audio version) (2008) from Zipipop on Vimeo.

Zipiko was a mobile Web social tool for organizing personal social life, events and ad-hoc get-togethers, developed by Zipipop. It won the Best Early-stage Start-up prize at Mobile 2.0 Europe 2008 and was selected for the start-up competition at Le Web '08 in Paris.

Zipiko could be accessed through any browser and mobile devices including mobile phones. The invitations were sent by SMS and people could respond through SMS also. The system displayed all the responds in real-time and automatically confirmed and updated the list of invitees.

One year of feedback and usage data showed that Zipiko was being used mainly for group activities – even though it had not been primarily designed for groups. The service was closed in June 2009. Zipipop is currently looking for investment to help boost the development of Zipiko into a dedicated “group activity organizer”.

My role
Concept development, project management, user testing.


Concept, design, branding, implementation

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